Contract Review

Contract Review for Export Control Compliance

If any of the following questions apply, additional scrutiny for export risk is needed. Contact the OEC for assistance.

  • Has the topic of export controls come up in any form with the proposal either in undocumented discussions or addressed in contract language?


  •  Will your project require collaboration with any foreign organization or is there a prohibition to use foreign nationals?


  •  Will your project involve the shipment of materials, equipment, or software outside of the U.S. or to a foreign entity in the U.S.?


  •  Does the project involve technology or equipment with a strong potential dual-use (civilian and military) application listed on the Commerce Control List (CCL)?


  •   Will the project require the use of another party’s proprietary information or materials with restrictions on release to foreign nationals?


  •   Does the proposal involve or use military, space or encryption equipment, software, materials, components, etc. that are not commercial off the shelf items?


  •  Are deliverables other than publicly available publications and presentations anticipated or required (e.g., prototype, hardware components, software, test results, chemical compounds, bio   samples)?


  •  Are there any foreign entities involved in the proposed work or any foreign performance sites? Ex. Research involves foreign national faculty, visiting scientists or collaborator(s), or other foreign entities (e.g., non-US Company, University or other organization).


  •  Does the research address or include Homeland Security concerns or advanced technology (Select Agents, disease vectors, toxins, Hazardous or radioactive materials, energetics, specially designed equipment, etc.)?


  •   Is international travel by faculty, staff or students planned or anticipated?


  •  Is there a requirement for security planning (cyber, personnel, and physical) ?