The Office of Export Compliance (OEC), in cooperation with other offices such as International Programs, HR, Compliance, etc. will maintain an appropriate University training program. University employees with managerial or supervisory authority over foreign nationals or international projects involving controlled information or controlled material are required to take a basic export control training course at least once every two (2) years. Depending on the nature of an individual’s activities and or job functions, a University employee may be required to take a basic export control online training course and more frequent tailored work area training as deemed appropriate by the individual’s supervisor or the appropriate Vice Chancellor in consultation with the OEC. To ensure that the KU community members involved in export-related activities are familiar with export controls and compliance procedures, the OEC will:

  • Ensure orientation training is provided to all relevant KU employees and retain all records for this training such as course materials and attendance lists;
  • Make use of continuing education in the form of outside seminars on an annual basis
  • Provide customized training sessions or refresher courses to relevant personnel and project teams as required;
  • Conduct detailed training, as needed, for new KU employees assigned to export-related activities.  Training sessions will be recorded online or by use of a sign-in sheet that provides date of training, instructor’s name, training topic, attendees’ printed name and signature.

KU Export Compliance Awareness Documents:

Export Need to Know document

KU Export Compliance Powerpoint

KUMC Export Compliance Powerpoint